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Check List Before Booking

Training: Group Rates

  • Have you filled out our questionnaire?

  • Attach the finished questionnaire(s) to your booking!

  • If you are interested in booking Training and Nutrition together for a discount please notate this in your order.

Include the following:

  • How many sessions you are booking?​

  • Three available days and times are available?

  • Any questions, concerns, and or focuses/goals you are looking to achieve during your sessions.​

  • Are you paying in full or in installments?

  • Please notate which payment platform you will be paying with? Zelle, Venmo, or Paypal 

  • Once your booking is confirmed and an invoice is created/emailed you will have 24 hours to pay your first agreed-upon payment. If involved in a payment plan the final payment must be paid at 1/2 mark within your sessions.


$65 = 2 people/session   

$85 = 3 people/session  

 $105 = 4 people/session  

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