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Nutrition Consultation

What is the difference between a Nutrition Coach and a Nutritionist? A Nutrition Coach receives an accredited nutrition certification in nutrition coaching from ISSA. Also gives advice as well guides the general population to a healthy lifestyle which includes making healthy food choices. A Nutritionist receives an undergraduate degree. They are experts in food and nutrition. They help people eat correctly by planning menus. They also know the health effects of certain foods.


Having a certification in Personal Training allows one to create safe and effective exercise programs for individuals that are healthy or with medical conditions that are medically cleared to exercise. Some PT’s get specialized certifications to train certain populations ex: senior fitness, youth fitness and corrective exercise. PT’s do not diagnose or prescribe any medical advice.

Fitness Tools
Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness

Over the years there has been an increase in childhood obesity. Due to the technology era, more children are sedentary in their free time. Years ago, children were much more active, had fewer health and self-esteem issues. My fun approach to helping children / teens become active and healthy includes but not limited to step jumping, plyo push-up (this is a push-up that the child will use enough force in lifting that they can lift their body and hands off the ground. These exercises are used in

plyometric exercise that is similar to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) adults use. The purpose of HIIT is to exercise the targeted muscle using maximum force in short intervals. Using these fun exercises, will engage the children while building up self-esteem and loosing the unhealthy weight.  

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"My daughter has always been in physical after-school activities. However, due to the pandemic, her after-school activities came to a end. I contacted Gary and in less than three hours an easy-to-follow nutrition and workout plan for myself and my daughter. Today we are feeling better and healthy. If you are looking to shed some of your pandemic unhealthy habits and get moving again, I highly recommend Gary Maxwell. "

Anne Litvak, client and client's (13rs old) mother.

Healthy Eating

"During the pandemic, I (like most people) basically spend the majority of my time at home. My weight spiral up, my source of comfort became food! Someone recommend Gary as a nutrition coach and we got to work immediately. He implemented the right eating program for me and my life. I am already seeing progress. I am extremely happy working with Gary. "

Udene Slater, Client

plans & pricing

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Youth Fitness


Kettlebell Workout


 $45 person/session 

 $150 for 5 sessions

 $250 for 10 sessions

$350 for 15 sessions

$450 for 20 sessions


Group/Family Rates

$65 = 2 people/session   

$85 = 3 people/session  

 $105 = 4 people/session  

See also Gary's package deals

Children Playing

13-18 Year Olds

 $45 person/session 

 $150 for 5 sessions

 $250 for 10 sessions

$350 for 15 sessions

$450 for 20 sessions

Girl Jumping

Kids Ages 13 & Younger

 $45 person/session 

 $150 for 5 sessions

 $250 for 10 sessions

$350 for 15 sessions

$450 for 20 sessions

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Nutrition (One On One)

$100 per hour for 1 session
$540 for
6 sessions
$960 for
12 sessions

See also Gary's package deals!

Healthy Eating

Family Nutrition 

 $80 = 2 people (2 hrs)

Gary can also come up with a custom

plan for you, your family &

your budget!

Package Deals

Father and Daughter Cooking

Nutrition: All Ages

$ 800 for 2 people/ 6 session package (12 total 180 hrs)


$960 per person /12 session (80 hrs)

 $1500 for 2 people/ 12 session package (24 total and 160 hrs)

email to create your own packages


Yoga Stretches

Training Adults & Kids

2 people 5 sessions = $250

3 people 5 sessions = $350

4 people 5 sessions = $450






2 people 10 sessions = $375
3 people 10 sessions = $500
4 people 10 sessions = $625

Woman Stretching

Training Adults & Kids

2 people 15 sessions = $500
3 people 15 sessions = $650
4 people 15 sessions = $800

2 people 20 sessions = $625
3 people 20 sessions = $800
4 people 20 sessions = $975


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Package Deals

Meet Gary

My name is Gary Maxwell Personal Trainer and nutrition coach. What makes me stand out as a fitness professional? My life journey into the world of fitness. Can you think back to your teenage years as being bullied for being: Skinny, awkward or clumsy? So was I ! Thinking to myself what could I do to build my self-confidence and self-esteem? I started to work out. Most kids would use this opportunity to pass the time or hang out with friends. During this time, I found that I was getting stronger and eating healthy. Little did I realize that this passion would lead me on my fitness journey. While attending college for my undergrad in phys ed, I was certified as a PT and had worked in many health clubs. This experience has given me passion towards my fitness journey as  I observed what would to do to expand my future business as a trainer. Taking a pause to concentrate on family life, my fitness journey stopped for 20 years. What brought me back to this journey?  Some health-related issues is what got me back to the fitness world. Losing weight and feeling great, I was thinking about PT again. Covid happened ! Taking the extra time I had, I took online PT, CPR, and nutrition coaching courses. In addition to these courses, my niche would be in helping teenagers getting fit during Covid. A few friends/parents had contacted me in regards to their kid's health and lack of exercise due to the pandemic.

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Kids Playing Tug of War

Thanks for contacting Gary! Gary will be with you shortly !


  • Can I Pay Cash?
    Not that the present time, but we take several cash apps (Vemno, Paypal & Zelle) that work directly from your bank account if you would rather not use a credit card. Let us know when you book if you need help connecting these apps to your bank account.
  • Do You Accept Payment Plans?
    Yes! Full payments due by 1/2 point of session packages. Be sure to make a note of this when first booking.
  • Do you offer Nutrition/Training Combo Packages?
    Yes! Discounts are avaible if purchased at the same time.
  • What Payment Options Do You Except?
    Gary excepts direct bank or credit card payments through the Venmo,Paypal and Zelle payment apps. If you have questions regarding paying with these apps via your bank account please feel free to ask when booking and Gary is happy to walk you through the process.
  • Do You Work In Conjuntion With Medical Professionals?
    Yes! I advise that we all are on the same page to see your best interest in taken into consideration.
  • Why Do I Have To Fill Out A Form Before Working With You?
    Filling out forms are to better assist all to get the best out of your program and our time together.

Frequently Asked Questions

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